To use AMERO, you must first get AMEROs. Here are the ways you can acquire AMEROs:

  1. If you agree to accept AMERO for sales of your company's goods and services, you will be allocated bonus AMEROs based on your level of acceptance.
  2. Be a government agency, non-profit organization, or individual/organization engaged in Research & Development and apply for a grant.
  3. Sell your products or services for AMERO within the AMERO Business Network. Qualified transactions in AMERO will be rewarded with matching bonus AMERO for the first 3 months after launch.
  4. Purchase AMERO with a major national currency. AMERO can't be purchased in countries or by citizens of countries that have banned digital currencies.  This capability will be available later in 2018.

Now that you have AMERO - how do you use it?

You are able to shop for goods and services from AMERO vendors through public directories at,,, and other web sites. To see a list of current vendors who accept AMERO, please visit

Once you have identified a vendor you can submit a purchase request or request for information.  The vendor will then respond with more information or an invoice. Once you receive an invoice you will be able to pay some or all of it using the AMERO in your account.

An app for Android smartphones is being developed to make it easy to transfer AMERO. Later in the year you will be able to shop with AMERO for a wide range of goods and services through a sophisticated, yet simple e-commerce system.