Join the AMERO Business Network now to receive bonus AMERO.  

You can join the AMERO Business Network through any of the following business network platforms: | |

If you are interested in accepting the AMERO once it is deployed in June, follow the below steps. 

  1. Log into your account
  2. Click on "Account Manager" in the upper right corner
  3. Click on "Digital Currencies"
  4. Select your AMERO acceptance level for payment of the goods and/or services you provide. You can also select your acceptance level of other upcoming digital currencies. Enter the key words for the products/services your company is willing to accept AMERO for and upload your company logo.

If you have questions about joining the AMERO Business Network through a specific portal, use the information below to contact customer support.

Phone: 970-373-4460
Email: Click here

Phone: 302-450-1923
Email: Click here

Phone: 302-450-1923
Email: Click here

Join the AMERO Business Network and receive bonus AMEROs

If you join the AMERO Business Network before June 4, 2018, and agree to accept the AMERO for at least a partial payment for your goods and services, you will receive bonus AMEROs to make your own purchases.  See the table below for a breakdown of your acceptance level and how many bonus AMERO you will earn. For example, if you choose to accept 50% of every transaction in AMERO, you will get 1,000 bonus AMERO. You can then use these AMERO among other vendors within the AMERO Business Network.


Bonus AMERO Earned
1,000 AMERO
1,750 AMERO
2,500 AMERO

% of Transaction Total Accepted


Watch the video below to see how Bob, an everyday contractor, benefits from using the AMERO.