The AMERO is an independent regional digital currency and payment system for use by government agencies, businesses, non-profit organizations and individuals. It is a centrally managed currency that is usable within the AMERO Business Network, which currently includes two well-respected B2B/G2B platforms - and  More e-commerce platforms will be added in the coming months. 

The AMERO is intended primarily for the North American continent – including Canada, the U.S., Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean - but will be part of an international business network and can be used outside North America.

The AMERO is being developed in partnership with the International Digital Monetary Council, Ltd., (IDMC) a non-profit think-tank that is developing a sound policy and regulatory framework for regional digital currencies. 

Once launched, the AMERO can be used partially or wholly to purchase a wide range of goods and services from other businesses within the AMERO Business Network and beyond.


THink of it like a gift card

The AMERO is like a gift card.  

A gift card is like cash that you can use to purchase things you need.  Gift cards often work within a specified market -- a specific store, chain of stores, or website.   The AMERO will initially be usable within the AMERO Business Network (currently comprised of,, and that connect over 200,000 businesses throughout North America and other countries.  

Like a gift card, the AMERO is simple to use.  All transactions are done electronically; there is no physical cash to exchange and no checks to write.  

Some marketplaces provide gift cards as a “bonus” to the consumer.  This is similar to the AMERO in that businesses willing to accept the AMERO will receive “bonus” AMERO.  Furthermore, as you use the AMERO to make purchases, you may qualify for additional “bonus” AMERO.

A single AMERO will have an initial value of $1.00.  So it’s easy to pay for your purchases that normally would take US Dollars.  And you will be able to mix your payments for goods with US Dollars and AMEROs combined, just like paying for a purchase with a gift card and cash.

You can use the AMERO to purchase any good or service within the network.  

So when you think about the AMERO, you can picture it as a gift card to be used with the AMERO Business Network.  It’s easy, convenient, and secure.

The AMERO: New Money for the New World